New York Strip Steak

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Few things in this world surpass the exquisite flavor of a juicy steak. Unless it's a juicy steak that also happens to be chemical-free, healthier for you, and raised using sustainable farming methods. Try our New York Strip Steak for your next steak dinner.

The New York Strip Steak, also known as Kansas City Strip, Manhattan Strip, or Shell Steak, is a widely popular cut – and for good reason. This fine-grained cut from the loin region is full-flavored, tender, and lean.

For a richly browned outside and juicy, tender inside, prepare this steak with a dry heat method.

Grass fed
Pesticide/Herbicide/Fungicide/Chemical Fertilizer-Free Grazing
Chemical Medicine Free – No Antibiotics, No Hormones, No Vaccines
Kind Treatment of Animals/Animal Friendly
Sustainable Land and Soil Management
Old World Production Methods
Fair Made
Biblical-Based Processing Methods
Quality and Safety for Finished Products