Why should I buy from Black Diamond Meats?

This is a most excellent question!  The market place is full of vendors offering you a myriad of products.  There are plenty of bigger operations who can offer you great prices and throw in free shipping as well.  Why would you want to chose me instead of them?  To this I must say that if it is important to you that your money remains local and not shipped overseas or vacuumed up by large, multi-national corporations, then you should consider supporting Black Diamond Meats. 

The big players in the online meat industry are generally cooperatives of large-scale farms.  They are big, so they can offer the efficiency of scale that small farmers cannot.  However, what many people are starting to understand is that there is a difference between industrial organics and what the small farmer can offer.  I know my cows by name.  I scratch my hogs on the back every day.  Attention to detail is everything.  Large scale operations are all about processes and maximizing efficiency. Supporting the small farmer can bring the soul back to family, farming, and food.

I would also suggest that you consider who is raising your product.  I deal only with small, family-run farms.  If I don't raise the animal myself, I get it from families that I trust who use small, family run processors as well.  All 100% grass-fed, pasture raised animals.  I don't source from farmers who are part of the GAP-5 program who are skirting around the edges of truly humane practices.  I deal only with farmers who are absolutely, positively, and universally treating their animals with kindness, respect, and with the care and living environment that is natural to the animal.

Finally, if you value supporting 1st or 2nd generation farmers who are making a go at the high and noble calling of farmer, then you should consider supporting Black Diamond Meats.  I am a 1st generation farmer.  I don't have a team of paid call center staff to answer your calls, only me.  No one to build my website, answer emails, and deal with the inevitable supply issues, only me.  When you support Black Diamond Meats, you are supporting a family in rural western Virginia.