Why choose our All-Natural Chicken?

We're proud of our all natural chicken farm! Our chicken is better for you and better for our environment. Here are 7 reasons our all-natural, free-roaming chicken (and other poultry) is better.

Chemical Free

No antibiotics.
We have all seen the documentaries.  Horrible living arrangements with the birds crammed together by the hundreds of thousands, eating the toxic excrement and breathing the ammonia filled air leads to disease, which requires antibiotics - a ton of them.
This is not the case with our farmers.  All of our poultry is free-roaming with plenty of space for clean, healthy conditions.  Better conditions leads to healthy birds that do not need antibiotics in the first place!
No Frankenstein Birds.
Rediscover true flavor!  We have all grown to expect the sponge-like flavorless chicken we see in the super markets.  Big business does what it does because it can make a lot of money fast, not because it is good for you or taste good either.
Our farms use heritage breed chickens from France.  These birds have been gracing the tables of fine restaurants and homes since before the war between the states.  They don't grow as fast as the Frankenstein birds, but the texture and flavor is out of this world!  It is a well worth the wait.
Chemical-free pasture
With recent scares of avian flu and other potentially disasterous communicable diseases, our farmers go the extra mile.  Not only do the control the content of their pastures, but they tightly control what comes in and out of the raising area.  This attention to detail ensures that the chances of disease being introduced to their flocks is virtual eliminated.


Our processor is certified humane.
Chemical-free pasture.
Agricultural chemicals are responsible for polluting our streams, killing an estimated 72 million birds each year, and creating dead zones in the ocean. We're proud to raise our pork on 100% chemical-free pasture.
Healthier, happier animals.
Foraging on pasture is the natural and healthy way to raise chickens, not locked up in a tiny cages or in huge tunnels of death.
Support a small farmer.
For us, this is truly one of the best reasons to buy our products, because every dollar you spend with us helps to support a small, family run farm. Our farmers are dedicated to recovering the lost arts of animal husbandry that our forefathers knew. Old school, time honored traditions, and truly sustainable farming methods with a generational vision for the family, who wouldn't want to support that!