Who is Shenandoah Valley Organic?

Who is Shenandoah Valley Organic?

Shenandoah Valley Organic (SVO) raises and processes premium chicken in the pristine Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. SVO’s Organic chickens are raised on certified Organic farms that operate sustainably without chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, that are never-ever given antibiotics and are fed a vegetarian diet with no animal by products added and is also verified to be non GMO feed by the NON-GMO Project. These farms raise the birds humanely as certified by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP Step 3) and by the Certified Humane organization. The Organic birds are free range (provided outdoor access) and have 33% more living space in the barns than conventional birds.

SVO also offers ABF (antibiotic free) chickens that are vegetarian fed, humanely raised (GAP Step 2), are never-ever given antibiotics, and are allowed to roam freely within the barn with 20% more living space than conventional chickens and are affordably priced.

SVO’s chicken is better for the consumer, better for the animal, better for the planet and tastes better.  And through Black Diamond Meats, SVO's products can be brought right to your doorstep!

Key terminology

Antibiotic free means that antibiotics are not injected into the egg or added to the feed. All broiler chickens in the U.S.A. by federal law aren’t ever given hormones or steroids.

Humanely raised means the birds have more living space (see above), are allowed to rest longer at night (lights out a minimum of eight hours versus two hours for conventional), and have enrichments in the barns such as tunnels that they can roost on and play in.

Free Range birds have doors in the side of the barn that allow them access to a fenced in grassy area outdoors for them to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. All broilers are cage free as that only applies to egg laying birds that may be kept in cages.

Vegetarian fed means that our birds only eat corn, soy, vitamins, minerals and probiotics of which improves their gut health. Conventional birds eat poultry meal of which contains animal by products including fats that help plump them up unnaturally fast in addition to other fillers. SVO’s Organic feed is also verified to be NON-GMO (natural, not genetically modified).