Why do you only ship to the East Coast?

We are small farmers.  We do not have warehouse, or fleets of truck.  Our order volumes are nowhere near the volume to receive discounts on dry ice.  Because of this, dry ice is much too expensive to offer as an option.  The standard amount is 10 pounds of dry ice per day of shipping, so it would take nearly 40 pounds of dry ice to ship to California.  We are forced to pay $2.00 a pound for our dry ice, so it would not be feasible to ship that far.

Our goal is to remain small.  It is who we are and what we do.  We don't want to become a large farm as it would mean sacrificing the "high touch" interaction we have with our animals today.

You can check the image below to see where we can ship.  We ship only within a 2-day radius of our farms in Roanoke, VA.

Free or Discounted Shipping

Free shipping is available for orders over $200.00.  This offer uses the "ice sheet" packs.  We offer free shipping to customers within the 2-day shipping radius as seen in the graphic below.

Dry Ice is available for all orders.  During periods of high heat, it is recommended to upgrade free shipping to Dry Ice shipping to ensure the product arrives safely.  We cannot guarantee the product will arrive absolutely frozen when using ice sheets in high heat conditions. 

What to expect when your package arrives?

You should not expect to receive your products perfectly frozen, even with dry ice.  Ice sheets will allow for more thawing than dry ice.  When you receive your products, simply put them in your freezer promptly.  If the product is placed immediately in the freezer, this will stop the thawing process and maintain the shelf-life of the product.

When can I expect to receive my package?

To ensure the freshest possible product, we do not keep high stock levels, but instead pull the product from the farmer when you place your order.  By operating this way, we can assure you of the freshest product available.  Our products never sit in freezers for months waiting for a customer to buy it, but are often pulled directly from the processing facilities and cut to order just for you.  You can't get fresher product then that. Good things come to those who wait.  If you have a rush order, please let us know and we will see if we can expedite the order for you.

How far will you ship a package?

As we are small farmers, we do not have the expensive dry ice packaging faculties that other larger, commercial retails do.  We instead us an industry standard, re-usable ice sheets and Styrofoam cooler. To ensure your products arrive safely and in an acceptable manner, our standard shipping is within a 2-day radius of our main hub in Roanoke, VA.

We are looking at ways to offer shipping nationwide, but at this time cannot offer more than 2-day shipping.