Meet Willow Pond Farm

Family first!

It has always been about the family for Ron and Stephanie at Willow Pond Farm.  Having come out of corporate America in 2008 after the financial meltdown, they left the big city in search of something simpler, purer, more honoring to nature and our Creator.  Settling down in the mountains of western Virginia, they started a small farm raising cattle, pigs, and chickens.

They have been farming on a small scale since 2010 serving the local communities of Bristol, VA and now Roanoke/Salem, VA.  Their products were available through local farmers markets and direct sales.

Pure, Clean, Natural Food for All

The original emphasis was eating naturally for themselves, but quickly grew into a family business.  Focusing on non-GMO and non-SOY products, their pigs are fed grains from local breweries who import their grains from Germany where GMOs are banned.  Feeding their hogs non-SOY products means they grow slower, but also means the hogs are not hormonal imbalanced.  Right or wrong, it is better to play it safe in their book and keep plant estrogen our of their food supply and yours.  Their chickens are only available in Virginia, as their facility is only state inspected at this time.  Their beef is raised on the farm in a closed herd and is feed grass all summer long and hay during the winters.

Generational Vision

Ron and Stephanie are the proud parents of 5 children between the ages of 5 and 16.  Ron works from a home office during the day and farms in the mornings and evenings.  Stephanie runs the farm bakery out of their state inspected kitchen.  The children are all home-schooled and taught the meaningful life lessons of hard work and elbow grease.  Their 16 year old daughter is being trained to take over the bakery.  The boys all work alongside their father to learn the skills needed to keep a generational farm running.