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About Black Diamond Meats

Black Diamond Meats is here to bring you the freshest, most honest meats around.  Black Diamond Meats is a small, family run business and farm (Willow Pond Farm).  We are not a large company staffed with sales associates, call center operators, or warehouse workers.  We are the quintessential family business. Our size gives us closeness to you, the farms, and the animals.  We, and the farmers we represent, can give attention to detail and care that none of the larger grass-fed and pastured raised sites can offer.  We know our animals by name!

When you support Black Diamond Meats with a purchase of our high quality meats, you are supporting small-town America!  In an age of industrialization, your support helps to keep the honorable profession of farmer alive.

Our animals are:

  • Fed a Natural Diet
  • Free-range or Pasture-kept
  • Never given Antibiotics, Hormones, or Steroids
  • Raised Sustainable 

Our farmers are:

  • 1st or 2nd generation small family farms
  • Located in North Carolina and Virginia
  • Committed to Ethical Treatment of their Animals


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