Absolutely, positively 100% Grass Fed Beef

Accept no imitation!

Our beef is raised on small family farms, by small family farmers, on nothing more than the finest, chemical-free pastures available!

Pastured Pork

Pastured Poulty

From the Farm Desk

Truth in an Age of Science

Truth in an Age of Science I majored in Chemistry in college.  I was taught the reliability of unbiased, scientific observation.  I grew up thinki...

Beyond Organic? What is in a name?

It is likely that you have seen this terminology before.  Some might know what it means, but others might not.  As I have only recently joined the ...

The Severe Environmental Impact of Conventional Meats

Over the past century, the business of raising meat has change drastically. Livestock used to be raised on family farms, or at most small feedlots,...

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