Absolutely, positively 100% Grass Fed Beef

Accept no imitation!

Our beef is raised on small family farms, by small family farmers, on nothing more than the finest, chemical-free pastures available!

Pastured Pork

Pastured Poulty

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What's Humane? Core Standards for Animal Welfare

Animal rights activists, such as the folks at PETA or the HSUS, aren’t the only people concerned about animal welfare anymore. The average consumer...
Is "Cheap Beef" too good to be true?

Is "Cheap Beef" too good to be true?

I was recently at a big retail store when I surveyed the wares they market as beef, pork, and chicken.  I noticed a new entry to the market this we...

Truth in an Age of Science

Truth in an Age of Science I majored in Chemistry in college.  I was taught the reliability of unbiased, scientific observation.  I grew up thinki...

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