Fresh (Uncured) Picnic Ham

No antibiotics or hormones • Chemical-free pasture • Humane • Sustainable family farm

Fresh (Uncured) Picnic Ham

Size: 3-4lb

Retail Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $31.49
You Save: $3.46 (Approx 9.90%)

Direct from our humane farm to your table - savory, pasture-raised, nitrite-free pork

If you've never savored a juicy, fresh picnic ham, you're in for a treat! Never smoked or cured, our bone-in picnic ham is made from nothing but 100% pork. With juicy flavor much like a pork roast, fresh ham is delicious when crusted with herbs and roasted to perfection. 

Beyond Organic and 100% Natural

Humane and Sustainable

Legacy Breeds

Each and every one of our hogs are processed at our Animal Welfare Approved processor in North Carolina.

Our practices are humane - the hogs are never ever given antibiotics, hormones, or steroids.

Each breed is carefully selected for our unique methods to ensure satisfied animals and quality meat.

Health Benefits of Pastured, Free Range Pork

Studies have found several important advantages of pastured pork (compared to confinement raised pork sold at grocery stores):

Higher levels of vitamin E and iron
Increased Omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients
Less likely to be contaminated with E.coli

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