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Cured Bacon

Size: 14-18oz


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Cured Bacon

Not available in Rocky Mountain or Western states, until further notice.

Direct from our humane farm to your table - savory, pasture-raised bacon

Who says bacon can't be wholesome? Our smoked, cured bacon comes from healthy pastured pork. All the delicious flavor without the chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics - what's not to love?

Nitrate and GMO Free.

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Health Benefits of Pastured Pork

Health benefits of pasture-raised pork:

Researchers have found several important advantages of pastured pork (compared to confinement grown pork sold at grocery stores):

  • Higher levels of vitamin E
  • Increased Omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients
  • Less likely to be contaminated with E.coli

Learn More:

  • Meet our farmer and learn about the sustainable, healthy methods we use to raise hogs.

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